Fridays, September 10 – December 3 at 1:30-3:00pm

This faculty development seminar is held in conjunction with Baylor University and other networked institutional sites.
Local facilitator: Richard Leslie

Primary print text: ”The New Media Reader” (MIT Press, 2003) – provided.


  • Read text and participate in weekly face-to-face discussions
  • Participate in networked discussion forum
  • Weekly blog posts related to readings
  • Willing to conduct Individual research on related topics for local discussion


9/10/10 Editors’ Preface; Janet Murray (link is PDF), “Introduction” & Web 2.0 / networked seminar orientation

9/17/10 V. Bush, “As We May Think.”

9/24/10 Engelbart “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework”

10/1/10 Engelbart/English, “A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect”
Special guest presenter: Christina Engelbart, Director of the Doug Engelbart Institute.

10/8/10 Nelson, “Computer Lib / Dream Machines
Local Facilitator: Deanna

10/15/10 Kay/Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” – No Meeting due to PD day

10/22/10 McLuhan, excerpts from Gutenberg Galaxy, also “The Medium is the Message”
(from Understanding Media)
Local Facilitator: Becky

10/29/10 Viola, “Will There Be Condominiums in Data Space?”
Local Facilitator: Jo

11/5/10 Laurel, “The Six Elements and the Causal Relations Among Them” and
Star Raiders: Dramatic Interaction in a Small World

11/12/10 Turkle, “Video Games and Computer Holding Power

11/19/10 Chapter 7, “Learning Webs,” from Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society
(online at
Local facilitators: Sondra and Alisa

12/3/10 McCloud, “Time Frames”
(for further reading, Tim Berners-Lee, “The World Wide Web”)
Local facilitator: Stephen