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I've been thinking about ways to creatively procrastinate in my need to grade student essays while giving meaningful feedback. I want to be able to give myself a break from the gnawing fear and frustration that comes with the natural struggle to gain ability in a skill. However, I also need to not drift too far mentally from the topic at hand. (There, there be dragons!) In the coming months and years, there is a possibility that this blog with be rejuvenated with a new project and direction of my research and teaching. Bah...I'll get back to grading, but with the integration of Google Apps to a better degree, at least I no longer have to go to far to write something, even it if just represents my thoughts. Currently Listening, Reading, and/or Watching: "Shut Up and Play the Hits" covers 1 and 3. I'm reading student essays and Divergent for s and g's. It's fun.