Post source: Applications in Biology for a New Generation

We do live in a society that values degrees. In previous years that was not as big a problem as it is today. Today parents and students alike value the degree but not what it takes to acheive the degree. In many cases both feel that grades and degrees give them some magical way to achieve their goals. They do not take into consideration what it take to learn the material or the importance of that information learned. This is best illustrated by grade inflation.

Some remodeling of content may improve students learning, as seen with cross discipline courses, but until the student make an effort no change in our educational system is going to make a difference. We use to value experience in college education. People from industry were not required to have the graduate hours to teach.

Today’s classroom is often focusing on “the test”. Teach to the test. The numbers on the test will determine funding, will determine if you have a job tomorrow, etc. Instead of teaching student the whole story we only focus on that which is on the standardized tests – what has that gotten us – a group of high school graduates who can not read, write, or do arithmetic at a high school level. I say the model is broken and we need to throw it out.