Post source: Applications in Biology for a New Generation

I knew that Xerox was around at the beginning of computers but I had no idea the important role that they played. My first laptop, many computers ago, was a xerox computer. I always thought Microsoft was the only big computer hijacker, but now I have found out that Apple stole the technology from Xerox first. Of course where would we be today if it had not been for the contributions of all of these companies. Computers have evolved to the laptops, and now tablets, that Kay and Goldberg were suggesting. They are in the hands of all people and not just and isolated part of the math and science world.

The other thing I found very interesting was the role that  they played in the creation of WYIWYG – and for the young crowd we affectionately know this as “what you see is what you get”. These was a technology that we were so excited to see. We could finally make our projects look professional. Before this the fancy fonts and graphics were left to artist and graphic designers. I remember spending hours working on my commercial art projects creating fonts with pens and later pen that today I use everyday typing in Word.

The thing that they did not predict is how we have applied this computing technology to our entertainment. We have smartphones, iPads, and iPods and many other pieces of equipment used for entertainment. We have remote controls that control everything in our homes. We have computers in our cars that are used now by mechanics. Computers are everywhere they are ingrained in our society and we don’t want to live without them. Y2K put an entire country into panic over something that never even happened. It was nice though the influx of money lead to the advancement of coprocessors that was at somewhat of a stand still.