Post source: Gail'sNew MediaBlog

I loved Kay’s and Goldberg’s vision that everyone should have their own personal computer (their Dynabook) and that they should be simple and used efficiently even by children. It was interesting to see their mock-up of the Dynabook, which looks like the modern day notebook or netbook computer, except it looks like the screen lies flat and slides to cover the keyboard.

While thinking about their idea that the Dynabook should contain some general, commonly used tools so that people don’t have to recreate the wheel but that beyond that, people should be able to design the tools they need (and it should be so simple that they could do this), I am reminded that today, there are SO MANY tools out there already, that if you need it, most likely, “there’s an App for that”.

Thank goodness for their work in this area  of personal computers and their belief that this was better than more powerful timesharing of computers. Yuck!