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What a great movie! I drew some parallels with things we’ve been talking about/reading. First, Zukerburg was a technology geek.  He went home after a botched date and created a very complex site “Face Mash” used to compare co-eds.  I could not help but think about how he would probably thoroughly enjoy the “Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect” article that I had struggled through. Just like I had very little understanding of the article, Zukerberg’s programming baffled me.

I did appreciate his desire to keep The Facebook (original name) pure from advertising.  His partner, who bankrolled the network with an initial investment of $1,000, early on was looking to create advertising revenue.  Zukerberg resisted and insisted that advertising would cause it to lose the “cool” factor and would therefore kill the young network. As we read in the article,  Xerox could not find commercial use for the ARC work and it just sat.  Facebook timed commercialization perfectly and hit it big.

If you haven’t been, go see the movie.  It was fascinating to see how Facebook evolved.