Post source: Applications in Biology for a New Generation

I find this article just as poorly written as the last for a general audience. I do not feel that an article like this helps in the learning process. Again if there were a larger summary of what was being said this would be helpful. His was a visionary. And I think we are farther than the public knows. I am not a conspiracy person, but I do know that we often save the back technology from the public to be used for the “greater good” – or so they think.

I was so happy when we developed wysiwyg and Engelbart brought us that – great use of computer application. I was a DOS word processor user and wysiwyg was all that I was missing. I still think my DOS word processor works better but I have to conform to the students I work with – so I switched to Office. I also remember as an undergraduate when we finally had the technology in journalism for there to be a network file that could be edited by everyone who accessed it. It was so efficient in reporting news. We do have some web applications that allow people to edit at the same time now, but I do not believe that the large software programs have even come close to this technology. I have had several students over the years who wanted to edit the yearbook at the same time but PageMaker would not allow this. This type of application is needed.

Engelbart allowed us to be where we are today with Web 2.0, intranet, internet, etc. I just wish someone would write an article about him that was easy to read.