Post source: mccmktg

“As We May Think” made it’s most powerful statement (for me) when it said that technology would enable us to expand the body of knowledge — “encompass the great record and to grow in the wisdom of the race experience.” The idea of sharing our learning and preventing others from “reinventing the wheel” is a powerful argument for technology. And, isn’t it amazing what people add to the public record just through YouTube that they are willing to share freely.

The caution of this knowledge is also presented in his phrase “the mass of the inconsequential.” I hate to think how much valuable time our students spend on mindless YouTube or Facebook pursuits. The “I don’t have time” excuse wears pretty thin considering how much time they spend daily with the inconsequential data they absorb!

Bush’s future-cast was amazing. It will be interesting to see how accurate he is for developments in the next 20 years. Will the computers be able t read our thoughts? I might simply have to place my fingers on the key pad and my thoughts spill out — hmmm — hope we can edit.