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The last paragraph was beautiful!  Friday I scoffed at the comment about the poetry of the last paragraph, but I was reading the last paragraph of our material.   The REAL last paragraph was moving.  It equated the “machine” to a work of art — symphony, book, painting or photograph. The essence of this last paragraph for me was that because humans created it,  the machine is a reflection of us humans and therefore has capacity for magnificence.  But while it can have the beauty of a symphony, it can also be ugly when used to carry the message of the burning of holy books (reflection of an ugly act).  Tonight the machine was beautiful when it brought my daughter and I together in conversation about the Facebook pages of some of my high school friends.  The history and feelings and feelings shared were a direct result of the power of the machine.  Later she shared a YouTube video 

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with me and in that sharing there that was an affirmation of the “mothering” she has experienced — truly beautiful.  Thank you, machine.