Post source: Applications in Biology for a New Generation

This class is probably even more valuable that the tools that we will be discussing. Technology needs to be an enhancement not a hindrance. I use to be the first in line to get the new technology. I had Windows 95 delivered to my home the day it went on sale. I filled my computer with every device and gadget I could get my hands on. But one day it dawned on me I was collecting technology not using technology. I had the gadget and I even knew how to use them, but I had no time or application for them. I am afraid that the student who has the iphone and every gadget imaginable really does not use these gadgets to accomplish anything productive. I say the iphone because a lot of their on-line world no longer involves a computer but instead their smartphones. But you see even with text messaging that they do not read the entire message. They will address the first point but are totally unaware that any other question was being asked. So they skim their text messages like we use to skim our text books. Are they skimming everything and if so what will the consequences to society be?